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Shaking legs

Rebecca Santos , Jack
Duration 32 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Lift Carry
Date Sep 01, 2020


Jack will be very tired today, because Rebecca decided to torment him by making him carry her all afternoon. First, the heavy domme climbs on the thin boy's shoulders and makes him complete 5 laps carrying her, but that is not enough and she also makes him stand still, supporting her weight for a long time, without being able to moan or tremble. Every time Jack loses strength in his limbs, Rebecca sits on the boy's abdomen and smashes him as punishment, but soon makes him get up again for another round of carrying, even worse and harder, demanding more of his muscles. Jack trembles a lot when Rebecca is sitting on his shoulders, but the domme doesn't feel sorry for his weakness and pushes him to his limit. Tiring!

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