My personal foot stand

Amandinha , Aliça Roche
Duration 36 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Lift Carry
Date Feb 05, 2019


Amandinha is being Aliça’s foot stand all day and she just can’t take it anymore, because her legs and arms hurt really bad. Aliça notices her slave’s weakness and because her feet start being uncomfortable with Amandinha losing her strength and moving a lot. The domme gets mad, of course, and decides to make her slave feel real pain and tired. She obligates Amandinha to carry her around on her back, then on her shoulders, all over the room. As Aliça is way heavier than the slave, the girl suffers so much that you can see it on her face, reaching her limits while Aliça imposes her to support all her weight. With no time for complaining or whining, this domme wants to lift and carried the way she deserves!

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