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Human cards table

Tay , Mirella Lacerda , Yara Gomez , Jack , Victoria
Duration 33 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Lift Carry
Date Sep 22, 2020


The four girls are playing cards, using Jack as a table, when they realize that he starts to shake and almost drops the cards. They then decide that it is time to strengthen the boy who serves as a human table, making him exercise... Carrying them! One by one, these big girls get on Jack's back, and make him handle their weight in all positions. On his back, on his shoulders, on his lap, like a horse... Jack suffers, his limbs tremble and the girls make fun of his weakness, even imposing him to train squats with them on his back! Can you imagine how much this skinny boy suffered in this Lift & Carry session? He sure became stronger and felt a lot of pain!

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