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How heavy am i?

Mirella Lacerda , Isabel
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Lift Carry
Date Jun 23, 2020


Isabel is doing a photoshoot of Mirella, but she doesn't think the photos look good and says that Mirella looks fat in the clothes she is wearing. Of course, the brunette gets furious, and decides to show Isabel how heavy she is. Putting the photographer on her fours, Mirella sits on her back and uses her like a horse, making her walk around the room bearing the weight of the model. Mirella still makes a point of sitting on Isabel's shoulders, making her carry her in the firefighter position and also on her lap, placing all the weight on top of the photographer so that she suffers and reaches exhaustion. With every turn that Isabel takes, having to put up with Mirella, she regrets more the insult she did to the girl. Wow!

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