Endless stairs

Alana , Amandinha
Duration 34 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Lift Carry
Date Aug 28, 2018


Amandinha is planning to enjoy the sunny day by the pool before her mistress got home. But for her bad luck, her Alana caught her on her way to the pool and got furious with that attitude. To remind Amandinha about how she should behave, she makes the slave lift her in her back and carry upstairs on her knees! Alana makes her change positions every time Amandinha takes her upstairs and downstairs. If lift and carry is a hard thing to do for the small slave, imagine how she felt after carrying Alana up and down in that curvy stairs. Spoiler alert: this will repeat more than 10 times!!! Don’t miss the hardest lift and carry of the last weeks!

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