More work for you

Manuela , Melissa Lisboa , Alessia
Duration 35 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Lift Carry
Date Nov 19, 2019


Alessia says she has finished her work and is leaving, but Manuela gets outraged by this and doesn’t allow her to leave. Being cruel, the redhead gets more work for Alessia: carrying her and her friend Melissa! Very thin and small, the slave will have to cope with supporting these two hot babes, who will not let her rest until she loses her strength. Going around the living room, Alessia lifts and carries Manuela and Melissa, one at a time, in her arms, shoulders, back and on her lap. When the slave finishes carrying one of them and thinks the torment is over, the other one comes bouncing on her, making her legs and arms tremble with exhaustion. Wow!

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