Thirsty horse

Bia Mello , Alessia
Duration 31 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Lift Carry
Date Jul 14, 2020


Bia is resting and hydrating herself with a glass of water, while Alessia watches her, very thirsty. To be even more cruel, she decides to tire the slave making her be her horse. Bia sits on Alessia's back and stomps her feet on her ass, imposing the girl to walk on all fours carrying her on her back. Not satisfied, Bia still makes Alessia carry her on her shoulders, one at a time, and the slave almost dismounts for not handling the weight. Carrying Bia on her lap and in the fireman's position are also not easy tasks for Alessia, who gets breathless and exhausted. Can you imagine how much effort she had to make to carry the domme, and still being thirsty? Tormenting!

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