Pony play with Demmi

Demmi , Amandinha
Duration 35 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Pony Play
Date Sep 11, 2018


Demmi caught her slave pony playing with her favorite teddy bear. Demmi will use that as an excuse to make Amandinha pony plays with her. She put her legs around the slave’s back and the slave carries her around. As you can see, Amandinha is not a very strong lady and is getting tired very fast by lifting Demmi. The beautiful mistress makes sure to have fun and give the slave a hard time at the same time. Also, Demmi is feeling very creative and tries all the positions that she has on her mind, she even stands on top of the slave that is down on her four. We have to admit that is a very hot session to watch! Don’t miss it.

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