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A day as our pony

Adila Vênus , Carol Castro , Jaqueline
Duration 30 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Pony Play
Date Apr 28, 2020


Today Adila and Carol turned Jaque into their pony, so they can play with her all day! Wearing a leash and completely naked, Jaque is always on all fours and is imposed to bear the weight of the two dommes on her back, while these two make her walk around the room carrying them. Carol and Adila even give this pony food and drink in pots, so that it has the strength to carry them longer. Jaque is demeaned and reaches her limit taking so many turns around the room with these hot babes on top of her, but every time she stops and tries to give up, the dommes pull her collar and impose her to continue. The pony gets exhausted!

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May 30, 2021

Adila e Carol turn Jaqueline in a mare. Jaqueline is an ugly and weak mare, and the two dommes force her to eat animal food. Jaqueline has no dignity and pride. I like this video!!!!

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