Feet won't touch the ground

Manuela , Ariella
Duration 33 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Lift Carry
Date Sep 24, 2019


Manuela is enraged! The living room carpet has been disgusting for weeks and Ariella is ignoring the orders to clean it. The domme refuses to step on that filth and to punish the slave, will make her carry her around the room so that her feet won’t touch the ground. Manuela may look thin, but she's too heavy for Ariella, who suffers from having her on her back for so long. She gasps, trying to breathe, but her muscles are already exhausted and her shoulders and back ache from the various positions in which the slave is required to carry her domme. It's demeaning and tiring, and Manuela is crueler than ever in this movie. Will you miss this amazing carrying session?

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