Conveyor elf

Manuela , Sabrina Green
Duration 32 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Lift Carry
Date Dec 31, 2019


Manuela realized that her elf Sabrina didn't carry any of the things she asked for. Angry about that, this Santa Claus’ mom decides to teach the elf a lift & carry lesson. Taking her on the shoulders, Manuela gives instructions on how to carry a good load while demonstrating, even doing squats. When it is Sabrina's turn to show what she has learned, she holds Manuela on her shoulders for a long time as she walks around the room, but when she needs to climb the stairs with the domme on top of her, she fails! Manuela becomes possessed and gives another demonstration, then switching places with her elf again and making the girl work until exhaustion by doing calf exercises and wearing high heels while supporting Santa Claus’ mom weight on her shoulders!

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