Clean or carry!

Manuela , Jaqueline
Duration 33 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Lift Carry
Date Mar 24, 2020


Manuela is trying to study, but is hindered by her slave Jaque, who complains about having to clean the house every day. Manu then decides to give the slave a new job, worse than cleaning... carrying her! The redhead sits on the skinny slave's shoulders and makes her walk around the room slowly, to hold Manuela's weight on her shoulders longer and suffer a lot. Jaque's legs are shaking, and every time she stops the carrying session, Manuela puts her lying on the couch and sits on top of her abdomen to punish her for being so weak! To make matters worse, Manuela makes her carry her on one shoulder at a time, and Jaque ends the session feeling her shoulders numb and aching. The slave paid for her disobedience!

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