A ride with the slave

Manuela , Larissa Ramos
Duration 32 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Lift Carry
Date Nov 10, 2020


Larissa begs for her domme to take her for a walk. Manuela gets angry and decides that she will make Larissa walk inside the house… Carrying her on her shoulders! The slave seems to like the idea, but after two laps holding Manuela's weight, she starts to sweat and get exhausted. The torment doesn’t stop there, as Manuela undresses and makes Larissa carry her in several different positions, with endless turns around the bedroom and the living room, leaving the slave with her limbs and back weak and sore, regretting having asked for ride. Manuela doesn’t let her stop until she reaches exhaustion and can no longer bear to carry her, short of breath and very sweaty! Wow!

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