Hungry and tired

Babi Ventura , Bia Mello , Jennifer
Duration 35 minutes
Quality 4K
Category Lift Carry
Date Sep 29, 2020


Babi and Bia are waiting for the ride to go to dinner, when Jennifer complains of hunger. The two dommes then decide to feed her... With a drooling bread spread over her face! From then on, everything gets worse, as the dommes decide to leave Jennifer hungry and tired, with an intense lift & carry session. Little Jennifer carries these two big dommes in the fireman's position, on her lap, on her back and even like a horse, supporting these two sitting on top of her, and every time the girl weakens or cries from exhaustion, the dommes step on her hands, sit on her stomach, stifle her and do everything to make her suffer. Poor slave, hungry and exhausted from carrying them for so long!

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